Awakening to the eternal miracle of organic living, we seek to redefine its life-transforming dynamics for today’s world. More than the eco-friendly, sustainable, non-exploitative farming practices or processing and marketing techniques, it is a quest for an alternative lifestyle, a strategy for wholesome, holistic existence – reconnecting man and nature with the ever-revitalising cosmic forces.

Agricultural farming integrated with livestock offers a better option when we look for redemption from the travails of a materialistic, industrialised, market-oriented system of human sustenance. With our groundbreaking initiative, a 50-hectare nature farm at Mahadevpura in Mandya district – about 25km from Mysore in the south Indian state of Karnataka, our prime objective was to promote the concept of land and cow based economy in harmony with nature and specifically targetted at rural development.

Since 1994, it has become a model and source of inspiration for hundreds of farmers in the region who are now reaping the benefits of organic and bio-dynamic farming, and it is frequently sited for viability studies by various universities and policy framework for the ministry of agriculture and the state government. Over 1,500 farmers are now supported through the process of socially responsible trade under the umbrella of Eco-Agri Research Foundation, and its area of operation today covers not only various regions of Karnataka, but also some parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, with the number of farmers in its fold expected to go up to 4,000 within four years, and the organic trade turnover projected at Rs1,000 million by 2010.

While we strive to integrate quality and prosperity in a sustainable lifestyle, our endeavour is to reach out to the underprivileged and the marginalised farmers and empower the rural poor while spreading the good news of certified quality organic products to the customers world over. Let’s make a difference to your way of life: It’s more than organic!

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We welcome the world community to liberally contribute to make a change in the way we deal of our natural resources,  the Land, Water, Biodiversity and the Environment.  Through this you also contribute to better the life of a rural farmer and encourage him.

You will also support the process of converting the way agriculture is done from the chemical farming system to a natural and organic way.

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