1994: The Hare Krishna Nature Farm is established at Mahadevapura, in Mandya district, about 25km from Mysore.  This was the learning field for the founders to take the work forward

1998 : Concept shop, Organic Lifestyle, opened in Bangalore and Mysore, selling organic products under the brand name, ‘Dharani’ (Mother Earth).

1999: Initiative made to popularize  organic products like vanilla, black pepper and sugar and market the organic products to create awareness of poison free food in the international market.

2001: Eco-Agri Research Foundation Trust, a non-profit organization, established as a Charitable Trust, registered under the Charitable Trust Act with a registered office in Mysore

2002: Expanded the field extension work for training farmers in the basics of sustainable agriculture and started to provide 100 % subsidized International standard farm certification program to support farmers.

2004 : Fairtrade Certification and Organic Certification programme for Vanilla Projects launched with South Canara Vanilla Small Farmers Association, North Canara Vanilla Small Farmers Association, Malnad Vanilla Small Farmers Association and Western Ghats Vanilla Farmers Association as beneficiaries

2005 : Introducing Royal Indian Vanilla in the international market. Vanilla contributes considerably to the social and economic empowerment of rural women in India

2006: Launch of BASIL Academy for training farmers, field technicians and audit inspectors

2009: Separated the marketing wing to another entity and EARF totally dedicated in Charitable activities in the field of sustainable agriculture for providing support to the farmers for their all-round benefit.

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