BASIL Academy

BASIL, acronym for Bhaktivedanta Academy for Sustainably Integrated Living, aims to develop and maintain a functioning model of a new way of agriculture, which will be a centre of learning, and a forum for enriching, supporting and facilitating initiatives in this field.

Its primary focus will be imparting biodynamic agricultural methodologies to farmers and field technicians, as well as facilitating all the down-line implications of a new agriculture, including information on Internal Control Systems, product processing, crop planning and marketing. Special programmes will be held for in-house farmers’ training, introductory courses on principles of organic farming, and training for audit inspectors.

Lifestyle and management programmes like organic health retreats for executives and IT professionals are also planned.

A new campus is coming up adjacent to the Eco-Agri Research Foundation’s Nature Farm at Mahadevpura, near Mysore.

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We welcome the world community to liberally contribute to make a change in the way we deal of our natural resources,  the Land, Water, Biodiversity and the Environment.  Through this you also contribute to better the life of a rural farmer and encourage him.

You will also support the process of converting the way agriculture is done from the chemical farming system to a natural and organic way.

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