Basil Academy - Faculty

PETER PROCTOR: A 65-year-old farmer from New Zealand, now based in Mysore, Karnataka. He has been practising organic and biodynamic farming for over four decades. Came to India in 1994, and for the last 10 years has been travelling extensively in India promoting such farming practices. Author of the book, ‘Grasp the Nettle.’

RACHEL POMEROY: An expert in Plant Cosmology and Chromatography, she works with Peter Proctor in conducting seminars, workshops and training programmes for farmers.

DAVID HOGG: A consultant and farmer from New Zealand, with over 10 years of association with Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Now based at Kodaikanal. He is the Secretary of Bio-Dynamic Association of India.

JAINARAYAN . K :  The founder of Eco Agri initiatives and has 15 yrs experience in Organic farming and biodynamic agriculture.  Keenly involved in the spreading of the concept of sustainable agriculture to improve the health of Land, Rural population and the Urban consumers.


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