What’s Organic

Organic farmers are those who farm according to organic principles, which are well defined. Organic foods, drinks and goods are produced from certified organic crops and ingredients. They are inspected and certified annually by an approved certification body.

Agricultural Principles: 
Production of high quality and healthy food in accordance with natural systems
Respect for natural eco-systems and cycles, from those of the soil to those of plants and animals
Preservation, maintenance and increase in the long-term fertility and biological activity of the soil
Ethical treatment of livestock
Development of extensive systems based on sustainable production methods
Respect for traditional practices and recognition of environmental, regional, climatic and geographical differences

Environmental Principles:
Encouragement of biodiversity and the protection of sensitive habitats and landscape features
Maximisation of renewable resources and recycling
Minimisation of pollution and waste

Food Processing Principles:
Minimum processing, consistent with the food product in question
Restriction of the number of permitted food processing aids
Presentation of maximum consumer information on methods of processing and ingredients used

Social Principles:
Provision of fair working conditions and quality of life for workers
Development of ecologically responsible production, processing and distribution chains, emphasising local systems

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