Incorporate a scientific methodology of organic farming among the farmers

Organise research into value addition through processing of perishable food for proper marketing by appropriate packaging

Incorporate a system of trials, selection and introduction of cash crop for the sustenance of the farmers

Showcase the organic produce in concept outlets to create enough awareness among the public for the utilisation of organic food against chemically grown food

Organise effective responsible marketing network to market the produce of organic farms thus generating a global visibility and bettering the rural farmers economically

Increase awareness of organic farming and the need for organic food through workshops and projecting the goods through international and national trade fairs etc.

Work for the fair trade practices of farming and farm labour operations

Help protect the indigenous cow breeds of India


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We welcome the world community to liberally contribute to make a change in the way we deal of our natural resources,  the Land, Water, Biodiversity and the Environment.  Through this you also contribute to better the life of a rural farmer and encourage him.

You will also support the process of converting the way agriculture is done from the chemical farming system to a natural and organic way.

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